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 ANiMOZ - Trading card game of Australian animals - Rainbow lorikeet OLU - Eastern quoll RiNU

ANiMOZ is the trading card game of Australian animals, getting kids off the screen and engaging with wildlife!

All the cards feature Superpowers that are real-life adaptations of that species in the wild, and the official rules are challenging for adults - not just kids.

It is a fun, strategic deck-building game for unlimited players (or 1-4 players with one Starter Pack), but the cards are designed so that younger Rangers can easily create their own wild games.

In the World of ANiMOZ, everyone's a Ranger! During Gameplay you must build a Healthy Ecosystem whilst protecting rare species in your Sanctuary. But be warned, animals face dangers on all sides - some that you can't overcome - and when you meet another species, a Clash will ensue!

ANiMOZ is reconnecting people with wildlife, and teaching a younger generation about the dangers animals are facing in a modern world.