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ANiMOZ Booster Packs are additional cards to add to your ANiMOZ - Fight for Survival Starter Pack, or a quick way to become an ANiMOZ Ranger and get hold of your first species cards!

Each Booster Pack contains 10 mystery animal cards that aren't in the Starter Pack. In all, 26 new species enter the incredible World of ANiMOZ through these Boosters!

There are no double ups in a Booster Pack, but multiple Booster Packs may contain some of the same species. Can you collect the Rarest animals? Do you have enough Mountain species to select that BiOME in Gameplay?

Find out by getting your Booster Packs here.


The Booster Packs make a fantastic addition to the Starter Pack, or as quick, fun gifts on their own. Rangers need the Starter Pack to play the full game, but for Junior Rangers there are hours of fun to be had with just 1 Booster Pack!

Our Booster cards are printed in Adelaide, Australia on FSC Certified, sustainable paper. The packaging is wrapped not in plastic, but in compostable wrap that can go straight in your composting bin! With vegetable-based ink and emissions offset, these are truly environmentally-friendly cards.

What's more - we give at least 10% of profits each year to conservation work in the field!

10 x large, high-quality mystery species cards!
1 special edition Deadly card with unique Aboriginal artwork and different options on the back!
[Note: There are 8 different front of pack designs - no particular design can be guaranteed].

Customer Reviews

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Belinda Christensen
Great boost to our growing set!

We got a couple of booster packs to add to our growing set - our son loves seeing what new animals there are to discover!

Great addition to the Starter Pack

I bought myself the starter pack back during it's presale, and heard about the new boosters though Facebook too. The Booster cards add a new layer to the game which I love. More species, more clashes and a higher chance of being the ultimate Ranger!

Deanna Howland
Great new packs and deadly cards

Love the ANiMOZ game and the booster packs are a great way to add new life and strategy to the game for those who have played before. My friend's 9yo got a booster pack from Santa and was so excited to show me when I came over. I love how it's so engaging for kids to learn about Wildlife but not boring got adults 😂😂😂