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ANiMOZ Booster Packs are additional cards to add to your ANiMOZ - Fight for Survival Starter Pack, or a quick way to become an ANiMOZ Ranger and get hold of your first species cards!

Each Booster Pack contains 10 mystery animal cards that aren't in the Starter Pack. In all, 26 new species enter the incredible World of ANiMOZ through these Boosters!

There are no double ups in a Booster Pack, but multiple Booster Packs may contain some of the same species. Can you collect the Rarest animals? Do you have enough Mountain species to select that BiOME in Gameplay?

Find out by getting your Booster Packs here.


The Booster Packs make a fantastic addition to the Starter Pack, or as quick, fun gifts on their own. Rangers need the Starter Pack to play the full game, but for Junior Rangers there are hours of fun to be had with just 1 Booster Pack!

Our Booster cards are printed in Adelaide, Australia on FSC Certified, sustainable paper. The packaging is wrapped not in plastic, but in compostable wrap that can go straight in your composting bin! With vegetable-based ink and emissions offset, these are truly environmentally-friendly cards.

What's more - we give at least 10% of profits each year to conservation work in the field!

10 x large, high-quality mystery species cards!
1 special edition Deadly card with unique Aboriginal artwork and different options on the back!
[Note: There are 8 different front of pack designs - no particular design can be guaranteed].

Customer Reviews

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Janet Barratt
Triple and double ups

I bought 3 packs. We got 4 triple copies of one animal and many double ups. Kids were disappointed. They are too old for snap and into all the games and creating their own.

Hi Janet, I'm so sorry to hear about the disappointment. Thank you for letting me know! From what you've described, this sounds like a mistake in packaging - the Booster Packs are designed to limit how many double ups you are likely to receive across packs. I'll send you an email shortly to resolve the issue. Regarding the gameplay, it sounds like your Junior Rangers are old enough for the official 'Ultimate Ranger' rules that can be found on the website - but they will need the ANiMOZ Starter Pack to play this. Email is on the way :) Ranger Joel

Extra fun

Collecting booster packs in a family (if you don't swap double ups) means in time you can play a form of "snap" which is great for younger kids. They still learn about the animals because the winner reads the card (good reading practise too). We love it!

Wild Child LOVES them!

My daughter is in love with these cards! She wants to collect them all!
My only suggestion would be to maybe make booster packs specific to a location or something similar
Her last lot of boosters had many double ups

Hi Ranger Yvette! Thanks so much for the lovely review - glad your Junior Ranger likes the cards. I’m sorry to hear about the double ups - the packs are designed so that kids shouldn’t have to find excessive double ups across multiple packs, so maybe this was a packing error. Can you please message me via the website and tell me how many and which species they were? I might be able to help. Thanks, Ranger Joel

Great game/ educational

Go divert into type of game you can play quick game or more completed

Hi Ranger Marcel - thanks so much for the kind review! Great to know Rangers are learning about our amazing wildlife :)

margaret mackay

ANiMOZ Booster Pack

Hi Ranger Margaret - thanks so much for the 5-star review! Glad you're enjoying the World of ANiMOZ :) Ranger Joel