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ANiMOZ - Fight for Survival is the trading card game about Aussie animals.

-Easter Special: Bonus Booster Pack included with your Starter Pack-

EDUCATIONAL for kids, STRATEGIC for adults: The game for all ages.

The perfect way to keep you and the kids occupied and entertained whilst cooped up at home. Be part of the Ranger community and watch Australian species come to life by getting the Starter Pack today. 


Educational for all ages, ANiMOZ engages players with Australian wildlife, highlighting Superpowers that each species has in the real world!

In Gameplay, you learn about the importance of a Healthy Ecosystem, find out the dangers that animals face in the wild, and have to build a Sanctuary and survive clashes with other animals!

But the best part about ANiMOZ is that the cards are designed for kids to make up their own games - we've already heard from loads of 'ANiMOZ Rangers' about the brilliant rules they're creating.



Unlike many products, ANiMOZ gives you real return on investment, as there is no end to the amount of times you can play - especially with Booster Packs on the way!

This is the game changing conservation, and we give a portion of all sales straight back to the field.

Created in Australia, the ANiMOZ Starter Pack contains 54 large, stunning species cards with space to hold a die. Plus, there is a full rulebook to Official rules online, and Booster Packs with new mystery cards are now available - compare your collection with friends!

Don't wait - buy it now to join the growing community before we sell out!

Using your own set of ANiMOZ cards against another Ranger's set makes the games even more fun. For a limited time: Buy 2 for *FREE SHIPPING!

*Free shipping applies to Australian addresses only.

Customer Reviews

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Great cards and game

I'm taking these over as a present to family in the UK. Such a beautiful way to showcase and raise awareness of lots of different Australian fauna in a fun way.

Beth Richards

Great game and service

Hey Ranger Beth! Thanks so much for the lovely feedback :)

Great game

Great game. Mix of luck and strategy. Easy rule options for younger kids. Beautiful illustrations. Quality product.

Thanks so much Ranger De! Appreciate the review. Ranger Joel :)