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ALL 6 Extinction Cards

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50% of every Extinction Card purchase goes straight to conservation!

To buy the cards individually, check out the separate product page here.

ANiMOZ Extinction Cards feature amazing Australian animals which are no longer with us. Ranging from ancient megafauna to recent extinctions, these 6 special cards highlight the vulnerability of our wildlife and come on special cards with shiny metallic ink. Half of every sale goes to stopping further extinctions.

The 6 species are:
PHALU the thylacine
CARNiFEX the pouch lion
OPTA the giant wombat
LANEi the demon duck
RUBi the Bramble Cay melomys
VANDER the little lion.

The cards are designed to be added to the standard pack, and can be used in normal gameplay. Get them before they run out, and help us protect native species!

Customer Reviews

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Casey Drent

Cards were will like by my grandson who is collecting them look forward to the next release

Hi Ranger Casey - so great to hear that your grandson is collecting them. We hope to have more cards to release in the future! Ranger Joel :)

Sam Atwood
Fine quality and fearsome fun!

Who knew the giant wombat weighed 3t?! These special cards have been a welcome addition to our ANiMOZ collection, sparking renewed interest in the remarkable fauna of Australia (even if they're not around anymore ;))

Hi Ranger Sam - thanks for the lovely feedback. The extinction cards definitely make a great addition to the original set. Ranger Joel :)