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Special Edition ANiMOZ Extinction Cards

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50% of every Extinction Card purchase goes straight to conservation!

To buy all 6 Extinction cards as a discounted set, check out the separate product page here.

ANiMOZ Extinction Cards feature amazing Australian animals which are no longer with us. Ranging from ancient megafauna to recent extinctions, these 6 special cards highlight the vulnerability of our wildlife and come on special cards with shiny metallic ink. Half of every sale goes to stopping further extinctions.

The 6 species are:
PHALU the thylacine
CARNiFEX the pouch lion
OPTA the giant wombat
LANEi the demon duck
RUBi the Bramble Cay melomys
VANDER the little lion.

The cards are designed to be added to the standard pack, and can be used in normal gameplay.

Get them before they run out, and help us prevent further extinctions!

Customer Reviews

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Must buy

I'm a big gamer so purchasing additional or limited edition packs for me keeps the game evolving. It's crazy to think these species existed at some point!! Definitely recommend adding these to your starter pack.

Happy Ranger
Thank you ANiMOZ :)

So glad these were added to the range. Megafauna are so cool and great reminder why we need to look after the current species. ( Rubi makes me sad though. I didn't know we'd already made a species here extinct from climate change 😔 )